Varuna's Forces CD
Developer: Accent Media Productions
Publisher: Atari?
State of completion: ?
Genre: FPS?
Also planned or released for: 3DO (not released), Saturn (not released), PlayStation? (not released)
Notes: Game is listed as a CD game due November 1995 in the Atari Dealer Price List Q3/1995.

Varuna's Forces - Late '95
Setting aside the gameplay aspects at this stage, Varuna's Forces is the game that's going to give Jag CD owners a taste of what CD ROM is all about. It's a complex game serving up a series of tough missions, all of which are illustrated, and atmospherically 'beefed-up' using some stunning pre-rendered 3D animation sequences. The game's a bit of an epic frankly so you'll have to wait for the Ultimate review to find out about the meat. In the mean-time enjoy these piccies.
Varuna's Forces is chocka with animations, complex missions and Doom-style gameplay.
(insert to Ultimate Future Gamer #11, 1995)

This game had a sort-of-playable demo running with a representative by the machine for much of the time... the demo was similar to the ones shown at previous shows, with the planetfall scenario, the character bios, and the pre-rendered fractal landscape fly-by. I still want to know more about this game as it looks like a quality effort.
(AEO Jag#3)

=*= Varuna's Forces (CD) =*=
Varuna's Forces is an action strategy game with elements of a "shoot 'em up". You are in control of a team of four soldiers of the United Coalition of Planets, Marine Attack Division, nicknamed Varuna's Forces. The team is equipped with helmet cameras and microphones linked via radio to your tactical command console. You see, on your common screen, views from each of your soldier's cameras. Also at your disposal is an overall view of a plan of the area with your troops' positions indicated.
Your soldiers have his or her personal characteristics and relationships with his or her teammates which change over time. Sometimes command decisions must be made not just upon the physical status of a particular soldier, but also upon his or her personal attributes. You are given a number of scenarios from which to choose, however, your objective is to successfully complete each one. You may need to obtain the release of hostages, or capture an entire area or base, or capture a particular piece of equipment.
(AEO 4/5)

Screenshots, Pictures: varunaf.jpg (12255 bytes)  varunaf9.jpg (53853 bytes)
(video from Atari Demo and Commercials tape)