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Magazine #2 2/98


World Of Atari '98

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Here are some pics from the recent World Of Atari show in Las Vegas, August 21 - 23, 1998. A few more to come so check again in a week or two. Here are also a few general comments and descriptions for the pictures.

Update 10/06/98: added all the remaining pictures - that's it. Enjoy and please send me your trading lists (and please be patient it may take me a while to answer - thanks!).

If you have any additions, corrections etc. please let me know - thanks!

I am interested in trades! I am looking for pretty much anything related to classic video games and computers but especially stuff for the Odyssey2/3, Videopac and Jopac. Consoles, games, promo-items - anything! I have lots of items to trade so please send me you trade-lists!


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Pictures From The Show:

woa01.jpg (23390 bytes) This is the original Pong machine as invented by Nolan Bushnell and Al Alcorn, one game was a quarter and it played 100% flawless despite its significant age (built in 1978). Nolan  founded Atari and later sold it to Warner Brothers for $28 million. Afterwards he started up Chuck E. Cheese Pizza.
woa11.jpg (20135 bytes) A yellow Computer Space by Nutting and Associates. This is the first coin-operated video game ever. Designed by Nolan as well it was not very successful but the cool fiberglass is something really unique. The graphics are remarkably hi-res. Could be played at the WOA as well and gameplay well... sucked :)

Here is a link to a blue one.

Neutron Star, a pinball machine prototype by Atari. Pretty cool and fun to play although the bonus counter had a logic flaw and sometimes 'hung up' in an endless loop. Only two known to exist, this one belongs to Dan Kramer.

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Freeze, another Atari prototype with a Tetris-like feel to it. Great graphics (a la Donkey Kong Country) and very unique characters. Too bad this one didn't make it, I feel it could have become quite successful.
More pics: dedicated cabinet and screen shot.

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woa05.jpg (28229 bytes) Here is Scott LeGrand explaining the controls of Battlesphere. The great Battlesphere-Tournament was pretty cool. Trust me, Battlesphere is as good as the hype around it and will be a major milestone in games for the Atari Jaguar! The code went gold (release) at the beginning of August, now they have to get that puppy encoded woa24.jpg (40301 bytes) Did I say that Battlesphere rocks? Kind of like a Star Raiders2 and with more action, better graphics (of course!) and just a lot of attention to detail. It plays great in multi-player games (didn't play a single player game) and is really really cool!
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This is Jerry Jessop, showing off the CX2000, a useless attempt to lower production costs of the 2600 with built-in joysticks (ouch!). In the background is the failed attempt to market that thing to kids (= blue color).

woa10.jpg (31587 bytes)

Here is Jerry with a Marshall Rosenthal (spelling?) from the LA Times (???) who came to report on the WOA. Cool! Both of them hold the the remote controllers of the CX2700 (???).

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woa07.jpg (37436 bytes) Here is Dan Kramer, the guy that designed the 2600 and 5200 Trackball controllers. Without his relentless pursuit of the (stupid?) management suits the Trackballs would have never made it to the market.

Dank was selling holographic backgrounds of COSMOS (he must have at least a few hundred of these) and copies of the original sales brochure.

Here is COSMOS, an Atari tabletop prototype (only one known to exist). It had an LED matrix and 'cartridges' that had holographic backgrounds. Planned games were (among others) Space Invaders and Asteroids. Some reviewers complained about the distracting backgrounds and the thing was scrapped. Kind of cool, but the LED matrix looked pretty coarse.

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This setup demonstrated the Laser Disc from the Firefox game (remember that one?). I never liked the game but it was kind of cool to see the scenes in linear order. Typically a scene where the player had missed the enemy would be followed by the same scene where the player had hit the enemy plane which would blow up in a big explosion. They (B & C)  wanted $50 or $60 for the Laser Disc.

woa25.jpg (21943 bytes) woa06.jpg (40193 bytes) B & C Computervisions sold this Jaguar Display unit for $500. They tried to auction off the top-part (without the bottom piece - kind of useless!). Pretty cool item though. Wonder why I never saw these demo units in the stores...
woa20.jpg (32648 bytes) Sign-In Friday night, just before the reception. There was a pretty long line and some of the other hotel guests were surprised that this 'old junk' could draw such a big crowd. woa26.jpg (39031 bytes) WOA had quite a few arcade machines (most on free-play): Gauntlet II, Freeze, Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters, Marble Madness (ROM was messed up), Battlezone, Star Wars (no sit-down though), Tempest, Computer Space, PONG and a few others.

There was also a museum (extra fee of $1 for entrance and exhibition catalog - $1 well spent!) with all kinds of prototypes and rare/unique items.

Here are the two guys who guarded these treasures.

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Some of these items a lot of us had never heard of :)

This is how it looked Friday night, boxes and laundry baskets full of goodies were brought into the room and by Saturday it was filled with an awesome collection!

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woa09.jpg (28880 bytes) 25 is the CX-3000 Atari Graduate Computer proto from 1982/83.
26 is the Atari Mindlink Controller proto from 1983.
27 is the CVC GameLine Modem from 1983.
woa40.jpg (19236 bytes) 24 is the Atari G1 Light Gun prototype from 1986.

23 are the CX-2000 VAL (for Value) protos from 1981. A useless precursor of the Atari 2600 jr. console with built-in joysticks :)

58 Atari XC11 Cassette Player
59 Atari XC12 Cassette Player
60 is the Atari XF351 3.5" Disk Drive proto from 19?? intended for the XE computers.
61 is the XTC-201 Thermal Color Printer proto from 19??, also for XE computers.
63 is the box from the Atari Space Invaders Handheld from 1980, the game itself was probably not completed.

woa13.jpg (38053 bytes)

50 Atari 1200XLS proto from 1982.
51 Atari 65XEP proto from 1985.
52 Atari 800XL (unreleased) from 1983.
53 Atari 815 Dual Disk Drive (unreleased) from 1983.
54 Atari 1040ST
55 Atari CP/M Module for the XL computers.

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woa16.jpg (21183 bytes)
woa14.jpg (33890 bytes) 64 Atari Video Music from 1976, a crude percursor of the Jaguar's Virtual Light Machine, groovy man!

56 Atari Portfolio DOS palmtop (I have one, they are pretty cool!).
57 Atari TT030

5 Coleco Telstar Arcade (1977)
6 Emerson Arcadia 2001 (1982)
7 Entex Adventurevision (1982)
8 Entex Select-A-Game (1981)
9 Vectrex with Light Pen and 3-D Imager (1982/83)
10 Fairchild Channel F (1976)

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11 Magnavox Odyssey from 1972. The very first home video game system designed by the legendary Ralph Baer. It had colored overlays for the TV screen.
12 Magnavox Odyssey 2 from 1978 with different sets of controllers. Similar to the European Videopac or G7000.

woa37.jpg (25020 bytes)

20 Atari 2600 with nice box
21 Atari 2700 prototype - with RC Joysticks. Codenamed RC Stella (1981).
22 Atari 2800 (1983), targetted at the Japanese market + a few game boxes.

woa38.jpg (25020 bytes) woa41.jpg (30018 bytes)

27 CVC GameLine Modem for the 2600 (1983)
28 Dynacom Megaboy (199X)
29 TV Boy (NTSC - 199X)
30 RGA International Video Game Brain switcher (1983)
31 Sears Telegames Arcade II from 1983
32 Spectravision Compumate from 1983

woa35.jpg (29037 bytes) 60 Atari XF351 3.5" Drive, prototype from 19XX
61 Atari XTC-2-1 Thermal Color Printer prototype

34 Starplex Deluxe Video Game Controller
35 Atari 5100 (aka 5200 Jr.) prototype from 1984

woa43.jpg (28413 bytes) 37 Atari 5200 Kid's Controller prototype from 1983
above 37: prototype of the Trak-Ball Controller (1982)
39 Atari 7800 Keyboard (1984) - only prototype known to exist!
woa42.jpg (27857 bytes)
43 Jaguar Voice Modem prototype from 1994 (Ultra Vortek was the only game for this).
44 Atari Lynx from 1989

45 Atari Mirai ??? what is it???
46 Atari Pong from 1974
47 Atari Video Pinball 1977
48 Atari 1055 3.5" Drive prototype from 198X

woa45.jpg (22729 bytes) 38 clear Atari 7800 Pro System prototype from 1984
41 Atari Game Brain prototype from 1977
woa44.jpg (30055 bytes)
woa46.jpg (18275 bytes)
woa12.jpg (47322 bytes) The Running Design Team from Germany, playing their cool Doom-clone on an Atari Falcon. Pretty impressive game but kind of misplaced in this 'classic' show. Or is the Falcon already a classic? :) woa18.jpg (49083 bytes) Brad Koda of Best Electronics while setting up his booth. Brad had some really unique items and although some of them were a bit pricey they were well worth it.

Eric Bacher from France sold 40 numbered copies of his new game Alfred Challenge at the WOA. Great game (though I haven't found the secret level yet) and he even signed my copy - pretty cool guy.
There are 50 numbered copies of Alfred Challenge, 001 - 009 were for Eric and friends, 010 - 049 where sold at the WOA.

woa19.jpg (21742 bytes)

A rare Video Jogger, mint in shrink-wrap! It went in the auction for $85 - that's a very very good price!

woa21.jpg (47408 bytes)
woa28.jpg (45345 bytes) This guy had some great Q*bert stuff (see the pic) and no, he is not related to Arnold :)


woa27.jpg (47137 bytes) This was the booth from B& C Computervisions. Some good stuff and a few rare items. Also tons of Atari 8Bit titles (I bought quite a few of those) and some interesting and unique joysticks.
woa29.jpg (46248 bytes) The Atari X console - prototype of the Atari 5200, pretty cool! woa30.jpg (37249 bytes) An Atari 8-Bit-based Videodisc (Laserdisk not CED) Information System.

Atari 8-Bit Expansion Box, and the ST-based Pen Computer, in the upper left there is a Atari 8-Bit-based Videodisc information system.

woa31.jpg (47926 bytes)

The ST Notebook Computer and the groovy Atari Video Music machine (stay mellow man!).

woa32.jpg (25237 bytes)
b01.jpg (34861 bytes) Action Mac Video Game System (with Sonic Fury video tape) b02.jpg (7585 bytes) Atari ST Tapedrive (prototype)

Original Cookie Monster artwork, 'printed in USA' Donkey Kong labels and other stuff from the auction.

b03.jpg (36846 bytes)

Rare stuff from the auction.

b04.jpg (29317 bytes)
b05.jpg (27740 bytes) Various prototypes and rare games from the auction. b06.jpg (26743 bytes) Video Game Brain, original Pong and Romscanner at the auction.

Boards for the 8-Bit Dual Floppy Drives at the auction.

b07.jpg (30654 bytes)

Mystique adult Atari 2600 games and a box full of Atari 5200 cartridges at the auction.

b08.jpg (23117 bytes)
b09.jpg (44048 bytes) ST Notebook and Atari Videocube cartridge at the auction. b10.jpg (30661 bytes) Jerry and Dan are talking about various Atari screw-ups and humerous anecdotes.

Scott, Eric Kaljumagi and Stehpanie in front of the Battlesphere setup.

b11.jpg (26197 bytes)

Dan Kramer's special version of Centipede on the Atari 2600.

b12.jpg (30097 bytes)
b13.jpg (32859 bytes) More stuff at the auction: official Atari Letterhead, original Cookie Monster artwork, some Atari award and a cartridge copier. b14.jpg (30222 bytes) Dan and his baby - the original Atari 5200 Trak-Ball prototype (handmade!). He was really cool to talk to and had tons of stories and fun stuff to tell.


Some Auction Results:

Video Jogger in shrink wrap $85  
Vectrex with Joystick $115  
Video Game Brain in box $37  
ROM Scanner in box, shrink wrap $39  
ST Notebook Computer $350  
Atari 2600 Crazy Climber in box with manual   $140
Atari 2600 Donald Duck's Speedboat in box with manual ??? ???
Atari 7800 Klax prototype   $100 (started at $500)
Atari 2600 Video Cube   $45
Atari 2600 Waterworld prototype   $100
Atari 2600 Coke Wins prototype   $140 (started at $500)
Saudi XE65 machine (prototype?)   $170
Atari 2600 Bugs Bunny prototype   $70
Atari 2600 Klax prototype   $50
Atari 5200 A and E prototype   $70
Atari 2600 Frog Pond prototype   $70
Atari 8Bit Mier 2049er in shrink wrap   $35
Atari 2600 Track and Field + controller, in shrink wrap $50  
Atari 7800 Donkey Kong label (framed) 'Made in USA', claimed to be 1 of only 3 existing   started at $500
Atari 2600 three Mystique games complete in boxes $65  
Action Max system in box $15  
ST Tape Drive prototype(?) $45  

The auctioneer was totally clueless about classic videogames and some of the starting prices had everybody laughing (like the Donkey Kong label for $500 - please!). For the most part the items didn't reach the reserve but there were some really good deals (Video Jogger, Action Max etc.). The prototypes were actually not to expensive compared to some of the rip-offs I've seen on Ebay. They also auctioned off some of the arcade machines and quite a few prototype boards for various Atari projects but I didn't wrote down the prices (can anybody help me out here?).


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