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Magazine #10.3 3/00

Classic Gaming Expo 2K
Part III

The Museum

Although Dan Kramer (Mr. Trackball for the Atari 5200) and Jerry Jessop couldn't make it and their prototypes and goodies were missing, the museum once again had a ton of rare and ultra-rare items for drooling collectors to stare at. To see these treasures live is reason enough to attend any CGE! Also missing was Curt Vendel (of

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Tabletop-dream: Entex Adventurevision, a rotating bar of red LEDs draws a surprisingly high-resolving picture!

Tabletop-dream: the previous generation. VFD-dots instead of LEDs but some of the cartrdiges for the Entex Select-A-Game are lots of fun!

pic026.jpg (34229 bytes)
pic029.jpg (81147 bytes) pic027.jpg (44725 bytes) Ralph Baers famous 'Brown Box' - the prototype for the first Odyssey video game console! pic028.jpg (108495 bytes)

Mock-up boxes for the two unreleased Parker Brothers Star Wars games.

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Atari 7800 keyboard prototype.

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Two different types of Vectrex carrying bags.

Vectrex 3D goggles, the real thing and two prototypes!

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'Cablemodem' for the Intellivision: PlayCable, Intellivision prototypes and Draughts!

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Ultra-rare Starcom Atari 5200 joystick,, Atari 5200 paddle controller and kid controller prototypes.

Supercharger demo unit (these were for sale at last year's CGE!) and Atari 5100 prototype - this was a more down-to-earth version of the Atari 5200.

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Personal Game Programmer 1 (PGP-1): Answer Software's 'Game Shark' for the Atari 2600. Too late and too complicated!

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Atari Mindlink Controller prototype: control the game with your mind (or more with your forehead muscles): headaches are us!

Gameline modem and Kid Vid  voice module (aka cassette player). Kid Vid was invented by Ralph Baer.

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Atari 2700 with wireless joysticks - cool!

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Atari 2800: 2600 for Japan, flopped big time but makes for a rare collector's item.

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This display case was filled with goodies: Mr. Boston Clean Sweep (special version of the regular Vectrex Clean Sweep), Video Life, Eli's Ladder, Magicard, River Patrol (all for Atari 2600) and tons of various prototypes.

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Box only, the game itself hasn't been found yet.

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Prototype of Cosmos: this large handheld/tabletop used LEDs to display game symbols and little holograms as background graphics.

pic049.jpg (97137 bytes) Omni game system.

Before Nintendo's Power Pad: Exus Foot Craz activity pad, sold with Video Jogger.

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Dreaming of Space Invaders? Sheets for the classic video game fan.

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Atari Video Pinball: with and without woodgrain!

Rare wristwatch games.

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Centipede with plenty of mushrooms...

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Not in the museum but still very rare: X-man. It's an adult video game for the Atari 2600 (I bet those graphics are pretty exciting - NOT!).

Rare game, rarer patch: Quadrun.

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The cure for the Atari 5200 joystick: Masterplay Interface. Use you regular joystick and the 5200 joystick's keypad.

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Odyssey 3 prototype unit - drool!

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Odyssey 3 - joysticks, front view and slot view (notice the expansion slot - for modem and other add-ons).

Odyssey 3 - label on the bottom of the unit.

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Odyssey 3 - side view, notice how the joysticks tuck into the unit.

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What? Naa, that's not right!

Here we go: Atari 2600 test station.

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Should anybody have an Odyssey 3 unit and software for trade: please contact me. I'd be willing to trade some very rare items for that one (for example: Video Life for Atari 2600).

Thanks to all the great folks who made it happen, especially John, Sean and Joe. We owe you! Hopefully we'll see a CGE2K1 next year - I'm definitely looking forward to it!


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