July 26, 2007

Testing from my cellphone

Cool, the posting via the cellphone works just fine! Just in case they don't have wireless :)

July 06, 2007

What Are Those Things In The Header?

You may ask yourself: "What are these items in the header-graphic?". From left to right: A Vectrex console, Atari 2600 Joystick, Canon XTi and a bunch of 1st generation Zunes.

New Style

I was looking for a decent new style for this blog and since I am partial to b/w themes I liked Jennifer Maloney's style. Based on that I changed a few things and here you go!

May 17, 2007

Setting Up Windows Live Writer Beta With Movable Type

Sigh! Things shouldn't be that difficult but I just couldn't get Windows Live Writer to work with my Movable Type blog. I tried and tried and nothing but "Invalid Login" messages :( But then a quick web search showed this:

MT 3.2 - Invalid Login with Third Party Clients

Great! That fixed it! Here is some advice for the Windows Live Writer folks: add this to your install docs!

January 16, 2007

And All The Old Stuff?

All the previous content (video games and everything else) is still available at and will eventually converted over to the Blog. Or at least linked to by the Blog.

We Are Going Blog

Well, it had to happen at some point. CyberRoach is going Blog - Movable Type to be specific.

While I like the options of building a website from scratch with Frontpage and Notepad I realize that time is more and more a precious resource that I don't have enough of. Migrating to a Blogging platform should streamline things and allow more frequent updates.

Beneath the Blog on the first page most things will stay the same. LaserActive, ANALOG and other things will keep their URLs so don't worry about finding things.

Anyway, this is work in progress so wear your hardhat! :)