August 06, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum - Stop The Shaking!

I've always disliked shaky cameras. Don’t get me wrong: There are times when a shaky camera makes sense, when it enhances the movie by providing that feeling of stress, hurriedness and nervous tension. I like it in "M" during the chase scene at the office building, I like it pretty much during any kind of pursuit-type situation etc.

But "The Bourne Ultimatum" does the shaky camera routine to a fault! Most of the long shots or extreme long shots are stable but as soon as the scene switches to a medium shot or even just a figure shot the shaking starts. Some of the close-ups shake so badly that I would suggest avoiding the front third of the movie theater*. Besides being annoying and distracting in a visual sense the handheld camera shaking also just doesn't make any sense! Even in quieter moments the excessive shaking adds an artificial feeling of hurriedness which soon becomes dulling. In order to perceive the full rush and excitement of the chase scenes there has to be downtime in-between. Quiet time, without a shaking camera!

I enjoyed "The Bourne Ultimatum" but the movie suffers from shaky camera-syndrome to the point where it becomes a distraction. Bummer!
(* I am serious: don’t sit close to the screen for this movie, the shaking is too much)