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A Fan’s Visit to RollerCon – Part 2

Thursday morning a small group interested in video production and bout casting reconvened and continued to discuss various technical topics. Hurt Reynolds showed his setup which he was using to broadcast from one of the training tracks.

liquor Liquor Possi sharing her marketing experience

I also visited a seminar about marketing “Get More Butts at Your Bouts” by Liquor Possi who was super organized, had lots of great information and even provided hand-outs. The room was filled to capacity and then some and from all the interest and the variety of questions it looks like general Roller Derby marketing is one of the key areas that leagues are interested in. Liquor Possi talked about the various marketing techniques that her league uses: from flyers and print to radio, TV and billboard ads. Most interesting was her blurb about challenges with her name which she sometimes has to shorten to just “Possi” depending on the target audience. I was reminded of that when I later saw an attendee with the derby name “Fistfucker” on her back, don’t think I’ll be seeing her on a billboard or local TV programming anytime soon.

vagine The Vagine Regime mascot, wonderful

bout1 Nice blocking action

There were also tons of bouts to watch from Robots vs. Zombies to Vagine Regime vs. Caulk Suckers and of course Team Australia vs. Team USA. These were all very lopsided slaughters but the losing teams never gave up and fought all the way to the end. The level of athletic ability varied but in general the skaters were very good. Some of the co-ed bouts were amazing and filled with jumps, spins and other advanced stuff. The mascots at the Vagine Regime vs. Caulk Suckers bout were a riot and the audience had a blast.

whip1 whip2

Nice whip by Team USA

The Team Australia vs. Team USA bout was an audience favorite, tough very lopsided the Aussies never gave up on cheering for their team and kudos for enjoying a good-natured beating.

boutusaaussie boutusaaussie2 boutusaaussie3

Great hits and blocks in the Team Australia vs. Team USA bout