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Eddie Izzard In Seattle

It was a few weeks ago, July 12th, when we saw Eddie Izzard presenting his STRIPPED tour at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. For those unfamiliar with Mr. Izzard let me just say that he is different from other stand-up comedians. Not only is he an accomplished actor ("Mystery Men, "Ocean's Twelve", "Ocean's Thirteen", HBO's "The Riches") but also a cross-dressing transvestite comedian with a wide variety of rambling monologues on often rather absurd topics.

Interestingly enough STRIPPED saw Eddie Izzard switching into "bloke"-mode as he referred to it at the beginning of his act. No high-heels this time!

IMG_4917  IMG_4930

The show was fun with a wide range of topics and he genuinely seemed to enjoy the audience's reactions. He was quite puzzled though when a joke about Huskies (the local university team nick name) failed to generate any laughter :)


His favorite topic seemed to be Noah's ark and intelligent design in general - very pointed, considering Seattle is the home of the dubious Discovery Institute, a fundamentalist Christian "think" tank advocating creationism and other anti-scientific beliefs. Eddie spent lots of time on why "intelligent" design isn't so intelligent after all.


After the show Mr. Izzard came out the side-entrance to greet an enthusiastic crowd of perhaps 80 fans. He refused to give autographs ("I am too tired!") but did Q&A for about 40 minutes, entertaining all kinds of fun questions and a few bizarre ones.

There was also at least one far-traveling fan from Alaska who begged Eddie to include AK on the next tour, guaranteeing sold-out shows!

IMG_4976 IMG_4980

Mr. Izzard even got a marriage proposal from a die-hard fan with a "Cake or Death?"-necklace but turned it down :) Some folks were shouting things like "Don't do it!" and "You can do better", rough crowd!

IMG_4977 IMG_4983

Overall: good show with great Q&A afterwards, thanks Eddie!