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October 16, 2007

Amy Winehouse - Godawful Audio Engineering

I recently bought Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" CD and while I liked most of the music (ranging from great to OK) the audio engineering is just awful. I am used to some extreme levels of clipping and distortion due to the increased loudness levels but "Back to Black" is downright ridiculous! Listening to the CD on Aurum Cantus Music Goddess speakers with the fabulous G2 ribbon tweeter the lack of smooth trebles was very frustrating. The CD sounds muffled, flat and well... clipped! Bass is very accentuated which I am sure sounds better on small speakers but on the Music Goddess it sounds very boomy. Since I bought the CD from an Amazon seller I first thought that it might have been a pirated copy it sounded so bad, but no - it's 100% legit!

I understand that popular music has to obey the perceived marketing laws (level it out as loud as possible!) but it's pretty sad when music is engineered to sound better on shitty speakers. There is plenty of popular music out there that's not ridiculously over-leveled and still commercially successful, for example Norah Jones' "Come Away With Me". It hardly gets more popular than that one with multi-multi-platinum and diamond certifications, so enough with the loudness-madness already!

OK, I'll get off my soap/speaker box now :)