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May 17, 2007

CGE 2K7 in Las Vegas

A whole bunch of us NWCGE folks will travel down to Las Vegas for the 10th anniversary Classic Gaming Expo in the Rivier Hotel June 28th and 29th.

This should be the ultimate event for classic gamers this year, if you have any interest in Atari, Vectrex, SEGA, Nintendo or other classic (retro, old-skool, whatever you call it!) video games then this is the event for you!

Setting Up Windows Live Writer Beta With Movable Type

Sigh! Things shouldn't be that difficult but I just couldn't get Windows Live Writer to work with my Movable Type blog. I tried and tried and nothing but "Invalid Login" messages :( But then a quick web search showed this:

MT 3.2 - Invalid Login with Third Party Clients

Great! That fixed it! Here is some advice for the Windows Live Writer folks: add this to your install docs!