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January 16, 2007

Zune And IPod Display Comparison

OK, let's just make it official: I love my Zune!

Being a long-time iPod user I never thought something else could come along and make me give it up but... the Zune did it! Besides having a built-in radio, besides the build-in WiFi, besides the snappy user interface, the great finish (bye bye fingerprints!) and all that - what I love the most is the display!

Both are 320 x 240 but the Zune display is much nicer! It's brighter (and that's just on the medium brightness setting), it's bigger (3 inches versus 2.5) and the colors seem to be slightly better too. Although the screen shots below turned out so crappy you can't really tell, sorry.

Here is a side by side comparison of the displays

On a recent plane ride I watched some A-Team and I pity the fool who doesn't enjoy video on the Zune. Finally I can actually see stuff! I tried it on the iPod before and that display is just below the critical treshold where viewing just isn't fun! The Zune on the other hand looks very good!

OK, granted the Zune won't replace my laptop for longer video sessions but for a quick episode of "I love it when a plan comes together!" the Zune works!

These photos didn't turn out very well, in reality the colors are almost perfect with good saturation.

And All The Old Stuff?

All the previous content (video games and everything else) is still available at and will eventually converted over to the Blog. Or at least linked to by the Blog.

We Are Going Blog

Well, it had to happen at some point. CyberRoach is going Blog - Movable Type to be specific.

While I like the options of building a website from scratch with Frontpage and Notepad I realize that time is more and more a precious resource that I don't have enough of. Migrating to a Blogging platform should streamline things and allow more frequent updates.

Beneath the Blog on the first page most things will stay the same. LaserActive, ANALOG and other things will keep their URLs so don't worry about finding things.

Anyway, this is work in progress so wear your hardhat! :)