A spelling program using Don't Ask's S.A.M.

32K Disk
by Ed Rybczyk

When I first received SAM (Software Automatic Mouth by Don't Ask Software $59.95) last Christmas, the first priority was to add speech into all the great "shoot 'em up, save the world" game program listings typed in over the past year. Hearing the score updated was great; and the verbal reassurance that the world had been saved, at least for that round, was comforting. It wasn't until later -- and after complete satiation, for I am truly a games junkie -- that another application for SAM smacked me in the face.

My older son came home from school with a list of words to be learned as part of his homework. As any computer parent knows, it's much easier to get the children to play with the computer than to do their homework. We had previously written programs for math facts, a joystick game to differentiate nouns from verbs, and experimented with cassette recorder spelling routines (POKE 54018,52 turns the prerecorded cassette on; POKE 54018,60 turns it off).

What a perfect application for SAM! How else can a spelling program work without hearing the word to be spelled? Other elements of a good education program (immediate reinforcement, use of audio and visual reinforcers and correction of mistakes) were built in, and the result is Spelling.SAM. The program requires less than 8K and is loaded after SAM is booted.

Press the START key to hear the word. This can be done as many times as desired, and SAM will repeat the word. When you're ready to spell the word, press SELECT.

Spelling.SAM can be tinkered with, and any improvements are welcomed. Care must be taken when adding words in Lines 1000-1998. Incorrect phonetics will cause the word not to be spoken during program operation. Instead, the console will beep twice. Use the SAM documentation glossary for help. Spelling words are limited to ten spaces.

The program can be changed to use RECITER. This will alleviate phonetic problems but could cause poor enunciation. Change the following to use RECITER:

If you don't own a SAM disk, what are you waiting for? Add the world of speech to your programs. It really is a lot of fun.

Program Routines
10 - 45Opening graphics
55 - 97Opening music
99 - 170Speech
200 - 220Evaluation graphics
300 - 410Keyboard input
430Random selection of correct reinforcements
440 - 499Correct reinforcement #1
500 - 599Correct reinforcement #2
600Random selection of correcting mistakes
610 - 699Correcting mistake #1
700 - 795Correcting mistake #2
800 - 845Scoreboard
850 - 852Closing graphics
860 - 995Closing music
1000 - 1999Spelling words
10000 - 10020Out of data graphics

For those readers who do not have Software Automatic Mouth, it is available from:

Don't Ask Software
2265 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(213) 477-4514

32K Disk $59.95

Archiver's Note: I believe Line 770 has a typo. It should read "FOR K=1 TO 20:NEXT K". Without the NEXT statement, the sound is distorted.

SPELLSAM.LST is available in ATASCII format.

This BASIC listing uses an image to display special characters

Checksum Data
4 DATA 560,216,352,946,509,570,136,464
60 DATA 473,177,260,627,45,296,285,209
125 DATA 396,395,422,285,690,531,716,8
330 DATA 911,155,202,841,933,402,939,7
450 DATA 983,438,309,549,197,434,479,1
530 DATA 41,144,637,759,337,674,948,76
615 DATA 994,928,79,81,672,363,766,574
702 DATA 712,993,927,874,313,570,145,9
810 DATA 145,210,983,197,471,317,788,2
851 DATA 935,186,241,962,22,759,392,14
990 DATA 224,469,407,46,128,117,601,39
1130 DATA 115,197,300,771,584,761,598,
1280 DATA 196,328,237,534,350,428,202,

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Original text copyright 1984 by ANALOG Computing. Reprinted with permission by the Digital ANALOG Archive.