16K Cassette or Disk
by David Karp

In the game of Buzz-zap! you are Stanley the Bug on his way to work. However, this is not an ordinary morning. This morning Stanley is pursued by a pair of killer strawberries and is trapped in a maze of deadly no-pest strips. As if this isn't bad enough, the hive he works in seems to be (and is!) moving away from the hapless bug.

Buzz-zap! is written in Atari BASIC with two machine language subroutines, called with the USR command. The first of these is Tom Hudson's P/M mover subroutine (issue 10, page 73), the second is just to flash the title screen. In the program's main loop first the stick is read, then Stanley is moved accordingly. Then the strawberries are moved so that they go towards Stanley. Then the hive is moved away from Stanley. Lastly, the collision registers are checked to see if Stanley has touched the walls, the strips, the berries or the hive. One point of interest is that each time Stanley gets to work (each board), the variable B is incremented and POKED into location 201 decimal for storage until the title screen prints it. This way the score or number of boards is recorded.

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BASIC Listing

BZAP.LST is available in ATASCII format.

This BASIC listing uses an image to display special characters

Checksum Data
10 DATA 878,525,753,529,773,317,749,48
160 DATA 84,919,642,170,60,749,319,504
310 DATA 318,24,312,19,44,2,15,314,342
460 DATA 786,240,543,795,827,37,101,58
610 DATA 732,152,945,71,901,940,900,35
760 DATA 862,614,341,663,169,924,81,24
910 DATA 729,432,185,354,942,227,462,3
1060 DATA 455,324,452,329,134,184,453,

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Original text copyright 1984 by ANALOG Computing. Reprinted with permission by the Digital ANALOG Archive.