A Prentice-Hall Company
11480 Sunset Hills Road
Reston, Virginia 22090

Reston Publishing Company is pleased to announce the publication of a new computer book, The Atari Assembler, by Don Inman and Kurt Inman.

Since the explosion in the use of personal microcomputers, more and more people are acquiring computers of their own. After conquering BASIC language, an assembler is the next step. The Atari Assembler gives you simple, detailed directions for using the Atari Assembler Cartridge with the Atari 400 or 800 Model Computer. Inman and Inman help you take what you already know about BASIC and apply it to learning Assembly language.

Slow paced for beginners, the instructions are explained in words and pictures too, in a breezy yet educational style. You'll see sketches of the video screen for each stage of entry and execution of demonstration programs, and you'll find each program described in easy-to-understand terms so you can immediately begin experimenting in this new language.

Topics in this information-packed book include Memory Use, Machine Language, Assembler Review, Program Design, and Addressing Modes.

Compassion for the beginner, easy instructions and numerous illustrations make this a perfect guidebook for an exciting new experience in personal computing!

Mosaic Electronics
P.O. Box 748
Oregon City, OR 97045
Order number H309, Price $18.00

The MOSAIC 1/0 Package can help give the ATARI computer direct ties to the real world. The four ports on the front of the ATARI computer connect directly to a PIA for use as output as well as input ports. Now ATARI owners can build custom program controllers, interface to home control circuits, or use any hardware the imagination can devise.

The 1/0 package comes with 4 - nine pin connectors, 4 twelve inch lengths of nine conductor ribbon cable, and complete instructions for their use. The documentation includes examples of homebuilt program controllers, how to access the ports through BASIC commands, shadow registers, or directly, and how to set up and address the ports for output.

Microperipheral Corporation P.O. Box 529
Mercer Island, WA 98040

Redmond, WA - The MicroPeripheral Corporation has just announced TSMART, the first smart terminal program written for the ATARI 800, with provision for autodialing other computers. The program is available on cassette with instructions for transferring to disk. TSMART permits the transfer of BASIC programs between a remote host computer and an ATARI cassette or disk storage device. The autodial feature works in conjunction with the AUTO- ICROCONNECTION, a direct connection modem ($199.50), manufactured by the MicroPeripheral Corporation.

The program permits off-line text preparation (messages, manuscripts, letters, etc.) with a text editing or word processing program for on-line transmission. A built-in feature permits creation and storage of text, then transmission by TSMART for those who do not have a text editor.

TSMART also permits transfer of source code assembler files. The recipient can create the object code using an editor /assembler program. A separate command is available for transferring object (hexadecimal) code files, such as ATARI Music Composer Files.

An AUTOBUF feature will open and close the memory storage buffer automatically when uploading or downloading. TSMART recognizes the automatic buffer open/close (X-on/X-off) codes transmitted by TSMART or other compatible programs. Downloading from FORUM 80 bulletin boards is also accomplished automatically. The buffer can be "toggled" on and off as many times as desired while data is being downloaded. Another feature is software selectable half or full duplex operation.

The program will also automatically send messages to bulletin boards using the standardized block mode or 16 line prompt recognition message entry.

The program was written for the ATARI 800 by Dr. James W. Clark. It can be used with any RS-232 compatible modem, although the dialer feature cannot be used with obsolete acoustic modems. TSMART is supplied in a protective binder with extensive easy-to-use operating instructions and is priced at $79.95. For additional information on TSMART or the MICROCONNECTION, contact the MicroPeripheral Corporation.


Mountain View, CA - Automated Simulations, Inc. has added a new two-player option to its popular EPYX game, Invasion Orion.

Invasion Orion, a tactical space battle game, can now be played by either one or two players.

In Invasion Orion, each player controls up to nine spaceships armed with destructor beams, missiles and torpedoes. Ships spend energy on movement, shields and firing weapons, and each player must decide how to allocate that energy to defeat his opponent.

Invasion Orion includes 10 scenarios that provide a variety of settings and objectives for both beginners and experts. When battling against the computer, the player can adjust the difficulty of the game by choosing from three skill levels. An expert player can make a challenging game against a novice human by allowing his opponent more powerful ships.

A second program, also included, lets the players create more scenarios of their own, and even design their own starships.

Invasion Orion comes in a four-color box with game program and 48-page battle manual. The game is available on cassette or disk for the Atari 400/800 (32K). The suggested retail price is $24.95.

Invasion Orion is available from Automated Simulations, Inc., P.O. Box 4247, Mountain View, Ca 94040.

1427 Monroe Avenue
Rochester, New York 14618

DYNACOMP has introduced three new game packages for the Atari 400 and 800 computers. Each employs the joystick as well as extensive sound and graphics. ALPHA FIGHTER ($14.95 cassette / $18.95 diskette) requires you to destroy the alien starships passing through your sector of the galaxy. INTRUDER ALERT ($16.95 cassette / $20.95 diskette) places you in the middle of a "Dreadstar" with the goal of avoiding the droids while trying to find your ship to escape in. GIANT SLALOM ($14.95 cassette / $18.95 diskette) pits you against a downhill course consisting of both open and closed gates. All three packages permit choice as to level of play and all are addictive! Free catalog available upon request.

COMPUMAX Associates
P.O. Box 1139
Palo Alto, CA 94302

The COMPUMAX Inventory Control package for small businesses, requires the ATARI 800 Personal Computer, two 810 disk drives, a 40 or 80 column printer, and 32K RAM.

MICROINV is oriented to the novice computer user and may be run successfully by those possessing only basic knowledge of bookkeeping practices and/or microcomputer operation.

The programs are menu-driven, providing conversational prompts to guide the user through the sequence of steps. Documentation is clear and well-organized, and includes a "BEGINNER'S GUIDE" to acquaint first-time users with basic computer concepts as well as software operating procedures.

MICROINV is a series of programs that carry out the inventory control functions of a small business. The master file sorts and maintains your inventory items by stock number, providing information on part number (up to 10 characters), description (30 characters), vendor number, quantity on hand, quantity on order, sale price, current cost, average cost, units used, reorder point, year- to-date usage, delivery date and lead time. The transaction file maintains data on sales, orders, and delivery activity on items contained in the master file. Posting updates the master file to reflect this activity. Quantity on order is automatically updated when items previously ordered are received. MICROINV computes cost of goods sold based on average cost. A job costing option is included.

Reports Generated: REORDER REPORT, listing all items below the required minimum; ABC REPORT, providing ABC sort and value for each class as well as for each item; STOCK STATUS REPORT, which gives the status and valuation of all inventory items; SINGLE ITEM REPORT, enabling the user to retrieve items whose part numbers begin with common characters; JOB COST REPORT; VENDOR REPORT, in which all items supplied by any vendor may be retrieved; and 'EDQ' a program which calculates the Economic Order Quantity, or most economical quantity in which to order, for any specified item.

MICROINV (used with MICROLEDGER) handles, 400 inventory items 50 transactions per batch
used stand-alone: 300 inventory items, 150 transactions /batch, 400 inventory items, 100 transaction/batch.

MICROINV is integrated with MICROLEDGER, the COMPUMAX General Ledger system, and with ORDER ENTRY*. As with all COMPUMAX programs, the source code is provided. PRICE: $140.00. Available from many retailers, or from COMPUMAX direct.


Sunnyvale, CA - AxIon Incorporated of Sunnyvale today announced the release of its 128K memory system for the Atari 800, making it one of the most powerful personal computers on the market today.

According to John Vurich, Axlon's president, the system, called the RAMDISK Memory System, comes with software that makes the new system function like a disk device. The system can also be programmed as bank selectable RAM memory.

The RAMDISK Memory System, when utilized as an additional disk device in conjunction with an Atari 810* Disk Drive, is compatible with existing software written for the Atari 800 system. Function for function, the RAMDISK system is up to 20 times faster than the Atari 810.

The RAMDISK Memory System can also be utilized as bank selectable AM memory. The system is organized into eight (8) 16K pages which can be selected under program control. Larger and more complex programming applications are now feasible utilizing bank selection.

The RAMDISK Memory System is the first memory product for the personal computer market using 64K RAM chips. Until now a product such as RAMDISK was not feasible because of the high cost of the new 64K RAM chips.

The RAMDISK module is installed in the second RAM slot in the Atari 800 with 16K modules in the first and third RAM slots providing 160K bytes of RAM memory. Installation is accomplished in a matter of minutes and requires no modifications to the Atari 800 computer.

The RAMDISK Memory System includes the 128K RAMDISK module, operating manual, DOS Memory Management Software and utility software. The RAMDISK Memory System is available at Atari dealerships nationwide. The suggested retail price of the system is $699.00. AxIon, Inc., 170 N. Wolfe Rd. Sunnyvale CA 94086.


Automated Simulations
P.O. Box 4247
Mountain View, CA 94040

Star Warrior, a fast action science fiction adventure, is now available for the Atari 800 from Epyx, by Automated Simulations, Inc.

In Star Warrior, the player is an interplanetary avenger, who must single-handedly take on an entire planetary force of storm troopers and nine types of military vehicles.

In Star Warrior, the player can walk, jump - or even fly over swamps, forests and mountains. He is armed with sophisticated electronic direction finding equipment, decoys to fool the enemy, nuclear missiles, blaster and powergun.

In addition to several suits of armor, the player also has a choice of two scenarios.

In the first, he must direct the enemy away from the main attack, while destroying as many military installations as possible. He can even set his own time limit, so he can play for a little or a as long as he likes.

In the second scenario, the player must track down and destroy the tyrannical military governor and his staff. But the governor is always on the move, so the player never knows where to find him from one session to the next.

Star Warrior has 19 command options and five levels of skill combined with sound effects and graphics display.

Star Warrior comes boxed on a cassette or disk for the Atari 800 with 32K RAM. Suggested retail price is $39.95. Star Warrior is an EPYX game from Automated Simulations P.O. Box 4247 Mountain View CA 94040.

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